Create Custom Labels for Your Bottled Water


Create Custom Labels for Your Next Event!

Now you can have your own bottled water with a custom label! Available in two sizes, custom labeled water bottles are great for marketing, weddings, fundraising and more. You can create your own personalized product for any occasion!

If you plan to give away great tasting bottled water at your next event, contact Ideal Pure Water to create custom water bottle labels! They are memorable, personal, and your guests will notice.

Drinking bottled water offers many benefits it's cleaner, it's healthier, and it smells and tastes better. Now you can give your guests cool, pure drinking water in a convenient self-serve bottle that features your own custom label!

Sizes Available   Minimum Order
10 oz   120 - 24 count cases
16.9 oz (.5 Liter)   72 -24 count cases




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