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Everyone flocks to the water cooler - when it's Ideal Pure Water!

Ideal pure bottled water is free of impurities and tastes better. A simple comparison with tap water will demonstrate this difference. When your water tastes better, so does your coffee, tea and all other blended beverages.

With a Water Cooler from Ideal, you'll have the pleasure of drinking cool, clear, consistently pure water and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your water is safe and clean. We offer delivery to homes and offices throughout the Omaha Metro area, Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa - with no installation charges, and no contracts or lease agreements required.

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 Water Cooler Systems Available for Rent

Cold and Room Temperature $7/month
Hot and Cold $10/month
Crock with Stand $4/month
Cup Dispenser No charge


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When it comes to the quality of your drinking water, Ideal Pure Water offers the best in healthy hydration!

Purified Water

Bottled water has strict safety and labeling requirements regulated by the FDA. To be labeled as purified water, bottled water must undergo distillation, reverse osmosis, or other process that removes dissolved materials. Distillation uses heat to turn water into steam, separating out impurities, before re-condensing. Reverse osmosis filters water by forcing it through membranes that block impurities. Ideal Pure Water offers both distilled and reverse osmosis purified water.

Spring Water

Spring water contains minerals or trace elements that make it clearly distinguishable from other types of water. These minerals must remain constant in the water, from its point of emergence at the source through the bottling procedure. Ideal Pure Water carries Mountain Valley Spring Water, originating from a geologically and physically protected underground water source.

Water Products Available

Two-bottle minimum order for delivery. A bottle deposit of $7 per plastic bottle and $15 per glass bottle is required.

Ideal Pure Water, Reverse Osmosis 5 gallon $8.00/bottle
Ideal Pure Water, Reverse Osmosis 3 gallon $5.00/bottle
Ideal Pure Water, Distilled 5 gallon $8.25/bottle
Mountain Valley Spring Water 5 gallon $12.75/bottle
Mountain Valley Spring Water 2.5 gallon $8.75/bottle

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